Saturday, 10 August 2013

I must remember this.

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I think i have found my "it" home.

It's a little late at night as I'm writing this, but i cant resist to document this thoughts. Yes, prolly the dimmed light, the soft distant cry of lonely cricket that triggers for words to flair more easily for me at this hour, but i just can't stop thinking about it.

The house belongs to a friend, a very lucky girl that i'm madly envious of more after stepping into her family house last few days. It's not a fair jealousy since she herself is now a talented young architect in an architect-born blood line but there it is. (i meant this on a really high note Haidar!)

I've heard about it long before. But by chance, I brave myself driving one and half hour all the way to her home. (With a nice long chat with Elya, of course!)

It's not your typical luxurious home, with over the top imported designer furniture that stares down at you or a sofa set so grand that intimidates and makes you feel uncomfortable to sit on.

While they're certainly not cheap, it is a very tasteful and cleverly used space and colour, a thoughtful blend of coziness and high-end. A distinctive mix of function and charm.

The warmth you felt, still resonate even days after you left.

It reminds me of a Scottish countryside.
It reminds me of an eclectic array of Barcelona.
It reminds me of the romantic Parisian walkways.

Ah, well, we all have different taste-bud. To each it's own.

But for me, all the unexplained desire that I've been looking for in a dream house, a huge chunk of it is there. A healthy balance of East and West.

I left Europe a month ago, stepping into her house just takes me back there.

Till then!


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