Thursday, 3 January 2013

A sticky post.

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I came across this interesting guy on Ted Talk that literally follow everything safety-health-knowledge related lists or guide to the core. Just to see how it turn out.
The talk is called How Healthy Living almost Killed Me.
He follows everything including wearing helmets for protection while watering the plants. In his house. Yes, indoor.

Well the outcomes are very much life changing, some out of many does stick, according to him.

I watch that video long time ago. It just came back to me when I literally crave for the bitter pureness of a cup of green tea before I go bed.

Drinking green tea without sugar at the beginning sounds very Zen in theory. Let me assure you, it is not so at first in practice.

I had to make a mental note to drink it, believing it'll slowly eventually does good to my system in a way that I can't see.

What struck me by surprise is, that mental note now become a longing that feels incomplete without, a crave, it became a habit.

It takes a while for me to realize this, but what once become a forced action, be it from you or others can become a second nature, if you're committed to it long enough until the stage it will finally stick.

Here are some i acquired over the past years that I didn't realize since it had already become a part of my daily rituals rooting from various events and stages.

1) Making my bed first thing. 
I never left my room with unmade bed. I got this from my five boarding school years, where we will be fine RM 2 for leaving a messy bed behind.

2) Reading before sleep. 
You notice how your mind always come up with a good idea or going over conversations that you should or shouldn't have or wonder about as broad as the endless sky, well, reading before bed not only serves a good sleep-inducer (i mean, who doesn't snooze while reading?!) but it works as well as taming those thoughts into a one word at a time moments, allowing your brain to slow down, ready to put your eyes to rest.

List goes on.

The conclusion to this what might sound like another health-related-i-know-better-than-you post is that, repetition is a mother of all wisdom and it works.

I want to repeat one thing this year. Just one. (see I'm repeating already)
I want to be kinder to myself. I want to look out for myself more. Being able to pick myself up on my own. 

A wise man once told me, it's OK to look up to yourself, because it's not the same thing as boasting to others.



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