Wednesday, 22 September 2010

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one more year, and i'll be heading out on my own
leaving friends and the place that i call home
i don't wanna go
i just need to know that i can come back
i need to know, i only need to know that
you'll be here when i come back home

cuz i don't wanna miss
a single autumn evening here with you like this
i don't wanna miss

all those nights we danced by the moonlight
conversations bout nothin till midnight
you and i huddled close till the daylight came
remember the colors reflected in your eyes
the scene painted golden as the sun rises
over you and me, darling

one more year, we'd better make the best of this one
you just can't beat the weather here in autumn
please stay close to me
i just need to know you're gonna call me
i need to know that everything will all be
okay, while i'm away

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