Tuesday, 14 May 2013

That day.

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That day came.

That day that is most talked about, or that has been a primary creamy center of my twenty-something-hood
has arrived. 

That day was passing my very last exam in medical school. That day was as fresh as it was just yesterday.

I bow down to God. I called my family. I jumped around while texting Ed. I had one of the best sleep I have in years.

As magical as it might sound, it did feel unreal. That I'm-too-happy-this-cannot-be-happening moments.

Please don't tell me, on that day, that the best years of my life is about to end. That what comes next will put my wits attest. Even all that might be true, let me have these days. Let me giddy up over it until I'm flat on the ground exhausted.

I beg my own thoughts and those who already went through this window, let me have this.

This raw sense of accomplishment, I planned to hold on to it for a little while for I knew deep in my bone that I owe this to myself.


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