Monday, 25 July 2011

So I said it.

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Hey there,
(private hello sayang to my dearie coz I'm 110% sure he'll read this. Huge hugs!)

The other day when I was sitting by my living room's sliding door while carried away watching the generous pouring rain that Malaysian cloud has to offer, my thoughts drifted back to when I was sitting on the same exact posture watching the rain pouring down my white window pane back in my square 1 room in Czech.

I notice, not much different there is.

And maybe too, because I spent the whole day working in Paeds ward, I can't help but picturing a single perfect moment of me sitting by the window overlooking the blue blue sea counting days on a comfy cushioned wooden rocking chair reading my favourite book to my baby bump while waiting for my love to come home from work. (He'll awake me with a gentle kiss on the forehead, of course, should the rhythm of an unattainable past of Claude Debussy playing softly in the background lulled me to sleep.)

There, I said it.
Well, one can dream, right?


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